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Our policy about frauds, scams and impersonators

We're fed up of hearing stories about some people wanting to use web sites like ours for very dishonest purposes, lying at their profiles to find girls for prostitution, pornography and even some sexual unbalanced people using Internet to find girls by lying in their profiles at sites like ours.
We've discovered hundreds of cases in the last years and we're really fed up about this: we do not like this people.
This is why every new user is verified manually, completely by hand: If you're thinking on using our web to do some of this scams, you must know that we're able to detect them very fast since we do a deep research on every detected scam, and thanks to the help of our users, who can alert us when they detect something strange.
If you are one of this people, you must also know that the spanish law LOPD forces us to keep all your data and make it available to the justice when required by a judge. You must also know that we've done this before. Not kidding, we take it very seriously!
Sure you'll find other sites on the Internet where you'll be able to do your scams.

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